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Great Touch Cleaning - Hoffman Estates, IL

If you live in Hoffman Estates, and you are looking for a cleaning service that does detailed oriented and thorough house cleaning or office cleaning, look no further than Great Touch Cleaning, located in Schaumburg, Illinois. We are fully licensed and insured professional house cleaners that can also provide janitorial services and commercial cleaning. Our good reputation is based on how detailed our work is, and we are proud to offer respected and referred maid services.

If your Hoffman Estates home is in need of this type of deep cleaning service, give Great Touch Cleaning a call at (847) 562-5405 so we can schedule a time for me to come in and give you a free estimate.

For living and dining rooms I pay close attention to ensure that there are no spider webs in high corners or walls. I will dust and polish wooden furniture, clean crumbs from sofas and chairs, as well as vacuum the carpet and hand wash the floors.

Any special requests from our Hoffman Estates clients regarding care of their furniture will always be taken into consideration.

Kitchens will also be cleaned thoroughly with services including dusting and washing the ceiling fan and kitchen cabinets. All the household appliances will be wiped down, and the floors will be cleaned and waxed.

For bathrooms we thoroughly clean the shower and bath with special cleaning solutions, along with mirrors, fixtures, faucets, soap holders, and cabinets.

We disinfect toilets and wash the bathroom floor, ensuring a sparkling shine and deep clean. In the bedrooms, Great Touch Cleaning makes all the beds, dusts, cleans doorframes and woodwork as well as empties the wastebaskets and vacuums. Upon request, I will also provide laundry service.

 You can expect the same kind of detail oriented, thorough Hoffman Estates office cleaning as well, so if this is something you are interested in, please do not hesitate to call Great Touch Cleaning for a free estimate.              


Mon-Fri: 7 am - 6 pm 
Sat: 7 am - 2 pm 

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