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Restroom Cleaning

Commercial Washroom Cleaners in Schaumburg, Illinois

Stores, office premises, coffee shops and restaurants…they all have restrooms for their staff and customers. And they ought to be spotlessly clean and hygienic.

That is where we at Great Touch Cleaning come in. The team here has years of experience in making certain that restrooms are kept absolutely clean and free from germs. With years of experience we have helped many with our commercial cleaning services from Schaumburg, to Hoffman Estates and beyond. We always use a special cleaning solution and tough disinfectant in all our toilet and lavatory services.

Everything in the restroom is scrubbed meticulously by us. We clean it all including the faucets and the sinks. If there are tubs and shower curtains we clean those too. That way we can remove every speck of dirt and grime that has built up.

We always clean out the soap dishes in case of any contamination. And the toilet bowl will be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected. The floors will be mopped and even the light fixtures will be cleaned.

If you are a store or coffee shop proprietor then you need to be serious about the cleanliness of your restroom, so be sure to contact Great Touch Cleaning. We will do a professional job for you and you won’t regret employing us. So call today on (847) 562-5405.

Restroom Cleaners

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